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Carolina Herrera

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Carolina A. Herrera was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1969. She has been Creative Fragrance Director since 1997, bringing a fresh and innovative perspective to the brand. Her instinct and imagination continues to evolve Carolina Herrera fragrances, as she draws inspiration from her own memories and the rich beauty of life. "My very first smells came from the flowers in our garden in Caracas: roses, gardenias, tuberose, the smell of cut grass and wet earth after an afternoon tropical storm.”

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Bad Boy

Born in a flash, our irreverent Bad Boy fragrance boldly represents a fresh, new multifaceted masculinity, paying tribute to men who follow their own path. At once strong and sensitive, confident, and relaxed, the Bad Boy embraces his contrasting characteristics with ease, juxtaposing light, and dark elements to create an energizing duality that reflects the unique and complex personality of the modern man. ​


Good Girl

Good Girl is inspired by Carolina Herrera’s unique vision of multi-faceted femininity. Sweet, smart, fearless and fun – there isn’t just one way to define a Good Girl, except that sometimes she’s so bad, she’s good. Her light and dark elements combine for a sophisticated fragrance of mysterious grace, with notes of bright jasmine and rich cocoa. Never afraid to be herself, Good Girl challenges the expectations of everyone she meets. #GoodToBeBad



Created with New York’s energetic spirit and fearless sense of confidence in mind, 212 combines a sense of past and present into a refreshingly modern scent for the spirited. Youthful notes are grounded with a sensual finish for an intriguingly bold fragrance, designed to compliment the zestful creativity of those who bring the party everywhere they go.


The Carolina Herrera makeup collection

The very first line of ready-to-wear makeup: lipsticks, powder, mattifier and highlighter. Blurring the line between makeup and jewelry, this collection was designed to be shown off, not hidden. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Fully customizable, with a wide selection of shades and colours, and made to be worn on-the-go, each piece becomes a custom-designed accessory that speaks volumes about your personal style.

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