1. The Service

  1. Who can use the pre-ordering?

    All passengers travelling through the airport.

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  2. How does the service work?

    Simply browse the website, select your preferred articles and amazing offers, add them to your shopping cart; when checking out, tell us the date of your departure and select the most convenient pick-up point. One of our sales associate will be expecting your visit to process your order.

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  3. Can I cancel my order?

    Yes you can cancel your order; log in to your account and change the status of your order any time before your flight departure. There is no mandatory transaction. If you decide to proceed with the purchase, the transaction is only concluded after picking up the goods in the selected pick-up point, located in the airport chosen.

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  4. Do I need to register?

    You do not need to register to browse our website and consult our product information. However, you will need to register to place a pre-order. Duty free shopping is only available for travellers; due to the duty free regulation, it is mandatory that we get your flight information.

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  5. Why are my flight details necessary?

    We need to know when you will be departing to manage your order accordingly; making sure your goods are ready and available for you to purchase.

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  6. Why is my date of birth necessary?

    Your age is mandatory for us to give our customers access to legally restricted categories such as alcohol and tobacco.

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  7. Can I use the reservation service if I am of minor age?

    Yes, except for alcohol and tobacco products.

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2. My pre-orders

  1. How far in advance can I make a reservation?

    You can place your pre-order no earlier than 30 days and no later than 72hrs prior to your flight.

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  2. How many reservations can I make?

    There is no limit to your pre-orders, you should however keep in mind the allowance limits as specified here. Note that you may have to pay the additional duty and tax differences if you exceed those limits.

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  3. Can I cancel/modify my reservation?

    You can cancel an order, but you cannot modify it. To cancel, you just need to access your account by logging in. But you cannot modify a reservation; you would need to cancel it and place a new order.

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  4. Where can I track my reservations?

    You can follow up your orders accessing your online personal account.

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  5. How can I be sure that I placed my order properly?

    Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact our customer service.

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3. Mailing List

  1. How do I subscribe to Dufry newsletters?

    You can subscribe to our newsletter by either providing the Dufry group with authorization during the registration process or after, by accessing your personal account settings.

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  2. Can you take me off your mailing list?

    You can uncheck this option by accessing your personal account settings.

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4. Password

  1. What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

    You can ask for your password to be sent again by accessing your personal account settings.

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5. Personal Details

  1. How can I change my personal details?

    You can change your personal data information by accessing your personal account settings.

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  2. Are my personal details secure?

    Be reassured that your personal information is kept private and confidential. For more information, please read our Privacy policy.

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6. Payment and taxes

  1. When do I have to pay?

    The payment is due in store at the airport, when you pick-up your pre-order.

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  2. Which are the payment methods allowed?

    All standard payment methods are accepted.

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  3. Do I pay any additional taxes on the prices visible on the website?

    No extra fees shall be applied to online prices.

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  4. Can prices change between the moment I place an order and the day I pick up my goods?

    Yes, prices are suceptible to change depending on our partners' price policies.

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7. At the airport

  1. Where do I pick-up my goods?

    Your pre-ordered goods will be packed and ready for collection at the pick-up point you selected when placing the order online. All details are available on our website.

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  2. Can I modify my order at the airport?

    You are welcome to add or remove any goods from your basket before proceeding to the payment.

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  3. What happens if I can not pick up my order?

    Nothing, as specified in this FAQ – the pre-ordering is not a binding transaction. If you do not pick-up your goods on the date of your flight (till 12hrs after your flight departure) it will simply be cancelled without any additional fees or consequences.

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  4. Can someone else collect the order on my behalf?

    The customer needs to justify of its identify when picking up the goods to comply with airport shopping regulations.

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  5. Can I return some of the items I bought?

    The return policy applies equally to online or in-store purchases. Please refer to our customer service regulation.

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  6. How long do I have to make an exchange or return?

    Returns or exchanges can be made up to 60 days after purchase at the airport; Please refer to our customer service regulation. The company reserves the right to reject returns sent or communicated beyond the return period limit, or items which are not in the same condition in which they were upon purchase.

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